Monday, October 17, 2005

Babson College Archives and Special Collections turn 25

On October 17th 1980 the Babson College Archives and Special Collections were dedicated on the third floor of the Charles L. Horn Library. Mrs. Edith Mustard, Roger W. Babson's daughter, gave money to provide a home for her family's possessions and papers as well as an archival home for the records of the college that her parents had founded. Mrs. Mustard was Babson's first alumnae receiving her certificate in 1923. The new space included the Sir Isaac Newton Room which was moved from the Sir Isaac Newton Library, the new Roger W. Babson Museum, and the Babson College Archives and Special Collections. Her gift is a testament to her support for her parent's projects and assurance of their continued memory.

I never got to meet Mrs. Mustard but I am reminded daily of her love for her family. From the present representative of the future, to all that has past, thank you for your foresight.



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