Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mail From Rachel

I have received a couple of e-mails from Rachel's aunt which I have put on Rachel's page.
I also received a couple of e-mails from Rachel.

September 9th:

Dear Rip,

Sorry it has been so long since you have heard from me. Things are busy as usual in Iraq. I am actually on my two week leave right now. I am visiting Italy with my boyfriend who is in the same unit as me. The heat was up to 130 when we left but August is said to be the hottest month there so hopefully when we get back it will start to cool down. We still are not sure when we will leaving country, so far it is sometime from the end of december and the beginning of February. There are so many details about what I do and what goes on in Iraq I am not sure what to put in an email to you. Any suggestions? If you email at hotmail I can reply quicker because i rarely check this email. The internet we have in Iraq is so slow the Babson email takes forever to load and when it does our internet usually shuts off. My hotmail account is I will talk to you soon, i promise.

Rachel Wilson

From September 21st:
I have no idea where I left off. I am just going to start somewhere and you can cut off the beginning if it is something I was saying last time. So The school fully refunded my tuition and room and board. The office of campus life gave me a wonderful going away party. The school newspaper ran a story on my being deployed. The school also set up a going away party in where the teachers and faculty could come and say goodbye. My sisters in KKG wrote to every chapter of KKG across the US and asked if they would like to support me. They presented me with over two hundred letters from Kappa sisters all over the US. They sent flowers and presents and care packages and everything I could think of to take with me to Iraq. Since then my sisters Yvette Kammerling and Daniel Young have been keeping a schedule with hundreds of Kappa's giving them the dates they are alloted to write to me. I have recieved letters and boxes everyday I have been in Iraq from women I have never even heard of. Writing them all back has kept me busy but I keep an ongoing correspondence with quite a few of them. My sisters and the school arranged a going away party at the pub, the same night as the Red Sox won the Pennant, and there was a very large turn out. So I packed up all of my belongings and my good friend Lindsay Miller is keeping them at her house near the school for me. I reported to my Unit in Bristol, PA on Oct 26th. I will continue another time.
Rachel Wilson


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