Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday News

I have a few odds and ends to deal with.

The first is that my earlier post of links on Hurricane Katrina gets added to as I find new useful links. The date is that of the original post. I am trying to keep it as broad as possible since you can do a specific search yourself.

The second is that I heard from Spc Rachel Wilson and it looks like I am to be added to the e-mail list that her aunt sends out so the correspondence ought to be more frequent. Anything new will be posted here as well as at the dedicated location on the archives web site. She has a Hotmail account for those interested in writing her: wilsonr89@hotmail.com. Her mailing address can be found at the location linked to above.

I currently have 14 Babson Bloggers listed. I have managed to post a request to the faculty, grad, and undergraduate lists. If you know of anyone else who might be interested please have them contact me.

Finally, I ran across this article on coffee. Whew. Endorsed by both the ACS and Organic Consumers....


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