Friday, July 20, 2007

Academe Links June 12, 2007

Of desktops and coffee tables: What's your favorite surface?

Reminder: A Glossary of Definitions and Design Patterns for Educational Simulations

Great videos on RSS, Wikis and more...

The Perpetuation of Privilege

A More Deliberative Democracy

Tool: Sputtr

International Education Discussion at NUTN

Virtual Dormitories for Freshmen [Aside: For 30 years ResLife has tried to get people to call Dorms Residence Halls and they are the only people on campus who do so.]

Google named worst privacy offender in study

Web 2.0 for Content for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Video of Stephen Fry explaining web 2.0

Facebook as an Academic Tool?

Gmail can preview ppt

The Fantasy of Fair Use: Preemption

My Favorite Font

Resource/curiosity: All My Faves

R. C. Rybnikar

Babson College Archives


"You might want to send someone to take a pulse – I believe the archivist is dead."

Comment from researcher to Horn Library staffer.


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