Monday, April 10, 2006

News for Academic Achivists

College & University Archives
Archives Hub: April
University of Wyoming
University of California, Davis
University of Wisconsin, River Falls
Princeton University
Trinity College
East Carolina University
University of Massachusetts, Boston
Columbus State University
Higher Ed News
"...Shoddy Statistics and 'Worse-Case Claims..."
"There is Such a Thing as a Stupid Question"
Classification Descriptions: Community Engagement
HigherEd Con Blog
"The GenEx Professor"
"The Diversity Dbate at Lehigh"
"Dropping a Bomb on Accreditation"
"Edging Toward Acceptibility"
"From Foxes to Hedgehogs"
"Internet Archive Sued for Copyright Infringement"
"FOIA Reveals Extensice DOJ Subpoena List"
"Faculty, Copyright Law, and Online Course Materials"
"Copyright Reform Central to Digital Library Development"
Blogging 101 via Higher Ed Blog
Blogging at a Small Academic Library
Blogging in Libraries
"State of Online Feed Readers"
British, Canadian, and American Vocabulary
"In Google We Trust" via First Monday
Computing with Foreign Symbols

The World Outside of our Fiefdoms
The Modern Heritage Programme
Economic History Services
HTML Version of the Open Access Bibliography
Best of the Web via Eye Level
The Canadian Encylopedia
The Canterbury Tales Project
"I fell in love with libraries..."
Rubber Bands
ARSA Airheads Radio Survey Archives
Leacock Medal for Humor
Just in time for Easter Week
Stephen Wright Quotes
Computing Before Computers
Early British Computers


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