Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Charles D. & Marjorie J. Thompson Visiting Poet

Since 1983 there has been a Thompson Visiting Poet reading on the campus. The Charles D. & Marjorie J. Thompson Visiting Poet was an expression of love and as such the readings come on or near Valentine's Day. The following are the readers with the best current link I could find for them.

1983: Esther Buffler.
1984: David McCord.
1985: Kathleen Spivak.
1986: Martin Robbins.
1987: John Hildebidle.
1988: Jody Aliesan.
1989: William Cohen.
1990: Mary Oliver.
1991: Galway Kinnell.
1992: Marge Piercy.
1993: Martin Espada.
1994: Joy Harjo.
1995: Mark Doty.
1996: Li-Young Lee.
1997: Sonia Sanchez.
1998: Robert Pinsky.
1999: Marie Howe.
2000: Edward Hirsch.
2001: C. K. Williams.
2002: Alicia Suskin Ostriker.
2003: David Ferry.
2004: Ellen Bryant Yoigt.
2005: Paul Muldoon.
2006: Marjorie Agosin.


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