Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lazy Link Dump October 25, 2007

It has been a very busy week and I have to be out tomorrow. So, since I got behind early this week, I will simply dump them all today.

Diversion: Interactives Pieces 2 [Thanks to Christine Drew]

Optimism Brain Regions Identified

2008 Beautiful B-School Contest

Teaching Nightmare

At College Board Meeting, Researchers Challenge Views of 'Millennial' Students

Speaking With Authority

Faking It, With 2 Books and More

Patent Reform and University Research

Well, if They’re Already Using It ...

Tool/Toy: 360Desktop

Teachers' lack of fair use education hinders learning, sets bad example

Diversion: Learning Performing Arts with Mobile Devices

Google Is Watching You--Way More than You Knew

Regulating Your Second Life: Defamation in Virtual Worlds

Simple Turing machine shown capable of solving any computational problem

Producing the CSI:NY/Second Life Crossover: An Interview with Electric Sheep's Taylor and Krueger

Keeping Your Techies

Brewster Kahle on Libraries Going Open

Report: 7 Out Of 10 Americans Experience 'Search Engine Fatigue'

Tool: AfterVote

BL Press Releases via rss

A 14-year-old Talks Educational Technology

Web2Summit: Opening Up the Social Graph

Digital ILL and the Open Library

Huge pirate music site shut down

The Modern Rabbit Hole

Carl on (Re)Defining the Public Domain

The Dangers of Public Hotspots

The Future is Now - Feeling the Need to Defend the Desktop

Thoughts on Interactivity

Why Grand Theft Auto Should Be Taught in Schools?: An Interview With David Hutchison (Part One)

Gmail IMAP Support

How Ready Are IT Managers for a Crisis?

Colleges Fight an E-Mail Explosion

Campus Technology Survey Finds More Lost Data, Fewer Viruses

Introducing EduGarage!

Diversion: Poetry with the Stars

Dispatches From the Course-Management Wars

Economic Education and Business Education

R. C. Rybnikar

Babson College Archives

Babson Park, MA 02457


It always takes longer than you expect,

even when you take into account

Hofstadter's Law.

---Hofstadter's Law


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