Friday, September 14, 2007

Academe Links September 13, 2007

Commentary: Which name is better - Serious Games or Educational Simulations or...?

Open Source Holo-Emitter for Second Life

If this is your first PLE

Not Rocket Science: An erstwhile technologist reflects on the discourse of “technology,”1997-2007

The (Non-Monetary) Value of a College Degree

New blog: eLearning Pulse

New York Times Launches Facebook App

Diversion: What Book Are You? [Catch-22]

A Particle Physicist's Life List [Hint: If you are at Babson you are quite near to one of the places.]

Is MIT's Henry Jenkins the Marshall McLuhan of the Web 2.0 Era?[]

The people formerly known as informed

Non-profit, non-partisan education in copyright

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Stay calm, be brave, watch for the signs.

---Jasper Friendly Bear (Dead Dog Cafe)


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