Friday, July 20, 2007

Library Links May 29, 2007

Social Scholarship on the Rise

Figuring Out Exactly How Much Your Time Is Worth

Online Personality Tests: New Uses, New Possibilities

Understanding the Class of 2015

Tool: Zinkmo

Tool: MP3myMP3

Tool: Infogami

Our Culture of Optionalities

The Ultimate Distance Learning [from January 2007]

Summary: Learning Design and Open Source Teaching

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog

Tool: CiteULike

A Smarter Web

New technologies will make online search more intelligent--and may even lead to a "Web 3.0."

More Maps Announcements Coming This Week

Corporation Org Chart Wiki

Tool/toy: Citypixel

Tool: Second Brain

Advice to a slightly less experienced geek librarian

Video you have already seen

R. C. Rybnikar

Babson College Archives



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