Thursday, July 19, 2007

Library Links February 1, 2007

Psychic Whois

Simile Project

Groundhog Day

Rating of the TIAA-CREF Returns'

Wilipedia Brown & the Case of the Captured Koala

Create Change [a new-to-me -e-journal]

PEW Paper on Tagging

Resource: The Anglo-American Legal Tradition

Longitudinal study of contents and elements in the scientific Web environment

Maps of the academic web in the European Higher Education Area - an exploration of visual web indicators

33 Reasons Why Libraries and Librarians are Still Extremely Important

Internet Explorer Unsafe for 284 Days in 2006

Resource: Lifehacker

R. C. Rybnikar

Babson College Archives


"You might want to send someone to take a pulse – I believe the archivist is dead."

Comment from researcher to Horn Library staffer.


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