Friday, July 20, 2007

Academe Links July 5, 2007

Openness in Higher Education:

Open Source, Open Standards, Open Access

Metaverse Roadmap Report

Visualizing the Signatures of Social Roles in Online Discussion Groups

Nature Network - a thinking person's social network?

Tool: Picasa Mobile

iPhone & Learning: Early Report

Pedagogical affordances of syndication, aggregation, and mash-up of content on the Web

Tool/Resource: Zentation

California Threatens to Sue Corinthian Colleges Over Allegations Involving Job-Placement Promises

In 'Groundbreaking' Settlement, U. of Washington Adjuncts Win Back Pay, Raises

Tenure Shrugged: A Scholar's Affinity for the Philosophy of Ayn Rand Cost Him His Job

Tool: Pixer

Tool: Tumblr

Tool: LiveEcon

Tool: SnapPages

Tool/Resource: Thoof

Resource: ALISON

Massachusetts: Office XML is coming, Office XML is coming!

Online Social Networks, Virtual Communities, Enterprises, and Information Professionals — Part 1. Past and Present

Less Than 1 Percent Overlap in Major Search Engine First-Page Results

Two Off-topic diversions: Literary Stamps & Book Inscription Project

Earliest Records in WorldCat

When Worlds Collide: Learning Activity Management for Avatars

Census Bureau Publishes First-Ever Reports on Veteran Entrepreneurs and Their Businesses

R. C. Rybnikar

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