Friday, July 20, 2007

Academe Links July 18, 2007

Edubloggers as “Prisoners of the nation state.”

HP and MIT Create Non-profit Organization to Support Growing Community of DSpace Users

Tech-Transfer Ties Between Universities and Industry Are Strained, Congress Is Told

Provocative Theory on Merit

Iowa Faculty Reconsider What’s in a Name

Tool: CoReap

Tool: Miro

Tool: Sloodle

Intel and the $100 Laptop: What Does it Mean for U.S. Schools?

Students' trial by Facebook,,2128264,00.html

Feel Good: Top 10 Mood Apps and Visualizers

The Quest for Sustainability in Open Courseware

A Plea to Re-Think The Desire to Meet

Web Literacy: How Good Are You at Recognizing Fake Web Sites and Email Scams?

Office Open XML hits a snag on the way to standardization

Resource: Open Library (Demo site)

Europeans embrace Firefox in record numbers

H.R. 1201

Social Software Timeline

Resource/tool: Knuru

Top 10 Risks Impeding the Adequate Protection of Government Information

R. C. Rybnikar

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