Thursday, July 19, 2007

Academe Links February 16, 2007

Senator to Ban Wikipedia from schools with Federal Funding

An Honest Conversation About Alcohol

Has MIT lost its sense of humor?

Social Networking

The Codex of Terrible Higher Ed Marketing Part 1 - Worst Promotional Videos

Speaker Pelosi's Blog

Excerpt of Feynman on the pleasures of finding things out

Blossoms, inc. [in my misspent youth I worked for the guy who invented Secretaries Day while president of FTD. He was impeached for it. How much have florists made since on that any-flower-will-do day?]

Domestic e-mail spying via Now on PBS

UNICEF Report on Child Wellbeing in Wealthy Countries

Resource: First Monday


Students, Facebook, Valentines Day

22 Ways to Reduce Eye Strain at Your Computer

R. C. Rybnikar

Babson College Archives


"You might want to send someone to take a pulse – I believe the archivist is dead."

Comment from researcher to Horn Library staffer.


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