Friday, July 20, 2007

Academe Links April 2, 2007

Resource: Podcast Directory

New-to-me blog: Paleo-Future

Rising Up Against Rankings

Librarians Grapple With Information Illiteracy

Redefining Academic Freedom


Cyberinfrastructure Vision for 21st Century Discovery

Wiki vs. Blackboard (CMS): Thoughts from the Blogosphere

Is Google Too Powerful?

Tool: Meta Search Engine

Second Life Stuff via Stingy Scholar

Information Design for the New Web

Resource: Educuase

Unnecessary at Babson because your archivist has had this covered for 6 years. See K:/perm/syllabi (Sorry I needed an "atta boy" this morning)

R. C. Rybnikar

Babson College Archives


"You might want to send someone to take a pulse – I believe the archivist is dead."

Comment from researcher to Horn Library staffer.


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