Thursday, March 31, 2005

Founder's Day

Founder's Day was first celebrated November 14, 1947 as a way of honoring Roger W. Babson. It should be noted that until her death in 1956, Roger's wife Grace Knight Babson was included in the ceremony befitting her position as virtual co-founder of the Babson Institute. The Founder's Day activities discussed the development of the Babson Institute as well as Babson's Reports, Utopia College, Webber College, and the Babson Statistical Organization.

After Mr. Babson's death Founder's Day was re-organized as an all-day discussion of the management of a specific industry. Guest speakers came to campus to discuss and debate Television News, Professional Football, and the Automobile Industry, among other things. In 1978 it focused on Entreprenuership and with the Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs it became Babson's annual celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Founder's Day 2005 is a celebration of Roger W. Babson, his college, and the entrepreneurial spirit.



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